How to become highly effective Hip-hop dancer’?

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Hip-Hop dancing seems easily but too hard to do.

Dancing is a learning process.

Dancing is a learning process.

A highly effective dancer’s you should be passionate in dancing, at least you have a background of dancing for you to easily get along with. To become well-versed in HIP-HOP dancing you must follow the following instructions:

  • You must oblige to work out for you to build strength, highly stamina, and flexibility of body, vivacity and lean physique. All of them are basic essential needs of an effective hip-hop dancer. Probably need to perform complicated stunts and acrobatics that are hallmark of hip-hop dancer.
  • Take a dance workshop exclusively for Hip-Hop dancing for you to be familiar in a variety of hip-hop main styles such as; Locking hip-hop, popping hip-hop, breaking/B-boying, lyrical hip-hop and krumping hip-hop.
  • Form a group/dance crew solely with a genre of hip-hop. Have a constant rehearsal. Train with fellow dance crew member, and sharpen your skills in hip-hop dance competition.
  • Watch some movie that can relate hip-hop dancing such as; Dance Flick, Bring it on, You Got Served part 1, part 2 and part 3, Step Up, Step Up 3, Street Dance 3D, How she move, The Streets, The freshest kids and Planet B-boy.


  • Be determined. Highly effective dancers have an intricate life as merely a human being they commit mistakes, rejections, objections and criticisms. Don’t be affective. Best thing to do is, do your best as possibly as you can.
  • Be professional all the time when it comes to hip-hop dancing don’t be heard headed to others.
  • Be aware and keep on update to discover new idea of hip-hop dancing latest style. Dancing is a process of learning.




The Perks of Hip-Hop Dancing

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WILL I QUIT HIP-HOP DANCING OR NOT? The Perks of Hip-Hop Dancing




 The Pros:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases energy
  • Improves strength
  • Increases muscle tone and coordination

The Cons:

  • Gets tired
  • Tiring at times
  • Undue fatigue
  • Cause of accident

HIP-Hop dancing is starting to become more and more famous as a form of entertainment. Imagine a talk show or ceremony without entertainment? The show might bore to death would it not?

Nowadays HIP-HOP dancing are very popular based from what we seen in our televisions. HIP-HOP dancing is always present to various entertainment events such as Pageant, Dance Contest and many others.

Hip-Hop dancing is an engaging habit in which you enjoy every minute you perform a certain steps, although you might get tired after awhile but that can also be a form of exercise even for just a few minutes. In fact now a day, hip-hop dance is recognized by dancers and trainers alike as an alternative form of exercise.

There are a lot of benefits that could possibly be gained from hip-hop dancing. In this situation you don’t need to focus your 100% percent in dancing, in a way that in dancing aside from your hobbies you can use it as your part-time job/career that will enable you to earn money. For instances you probably become a HIP-HOP dance instructor in a certain dance workshop and every occasion where you will be asked to perform with fee, then you will be earning while having fun.

So why you bring to an end your talent in dancing if there are lots of alternative ways to maintain your excitement in dancing…..Dancing is a breathtaking talent.


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“PHILIPPINE ALL-STARS” again snatched victory at Switzerland

 June 11, 2011 at Zurich, Switzerland the Philippine All Stars pride of Philippines brings home the bacon. They made again a great achievement in the history of hip-hop dancing here and abroad. Their opponent Beat Calculators of Basel, Inzane of Langenthal, Limited Edition of Bern, Special Element of Basel, Most Wanted of USA, Urban Angeles of Sweden, FNF of Polen, Kroodeetude of Italien all of them were defeated by our beloved Philippine All-stars. No doubt that they will definitely win because the performance and their concept were fantastic, the costumes and their stunts were perfect. The style of their Hip-Hop dancing locking and popping was very unique.


The “guts” and energy of Philippine All-Stars during that night were completely awesome; the vivacity and consistency of movement was pure of desire and the determination was pretty obvious.The dance routines and transitions were perfectly amazing because of difficulty of movement and every second they can easily change to another position. Every transition they made has an angle or shape which were great because they can easily emphasize.Those are the factors or reasons why Philippine All-Stars won.They did great and deserved the title.

Philippine All-Stars remain the best among Hip-Hop Dancer’s around the world. FILIPINO PRIDE!!It’s really great to see again good news for the Philippines. Keep it up. Good job IDOL!  I’m looking forward to write again latest news about Philippine All-Stars.


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The Top 3 Filipino Hip-Hop Dance Crew

  1. Philippine All Stars (Manila, Philippines)
  2. Amplified Hip-Hop Crew (Baguio City, Philippines)
  3. Exquizyth (General Santos City, Philippines)

Philippine All Stars - belongs to the top 3 popular hip hop dance crew in the Philippines because of the remarkable achievements they brought  here in the Philippines. “Philippine All Stars” was started in year 2005 which consists only of the following members: Lema Diaz, Sheena Vera Cruz, Patrick Caballa, Kynx Mendiola, Michelle Salazar, Jeremiah Carandang, Chelo Aestrid, Deo Bantillo, Patick Romero and Josua Barlis. Each members of this crew contributes to its authentic HIP-HOP that combines the different styles of hip-hop dancing genres.

"HIP-HOP DANCERS" Philippine All Stars

"HIP-HOP DANCERS" Philippine All Stars


  • 2009 Grand Champions, Malta Guinness Street Dance Competition, Kenya, Africa
  • 2009 1st Runner Up, UDO World Street Dancing Championships, Blackpoll, United Kingdom
  • 2008 Gold, World Hip Hop Championships, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2007 Bronze, World Hip Hop Championships, Los Angeles, California
  • 2006 Gold, World Hip Hop Championships, Los Angeles, California
  • 2006 Gold, International Hip Hop Open d’ Italia, Turin Italy

AMPLIFIED HIP-HOP CREW- is the one renowned youth dance troupes in the Philippines they are the pride of Baguio City. This dance crew is popular because of several awards they got here and abroad. The group started on November of 2008. The group’s first name was (Baguio Showstoppers) and later on become (“The Clones”) and by year 2009 they shifted to “AMPLIFIED HIP-HOP CREW”.  Amplified hip-hop is composed of 9 members. They are, Kristoffer Rillera Fadlen, Voughdan Del Rosario Belleca, Alvin Parreno Gomez, Cerron Esser Jose, Joseph Locsin Tadifa Jr., Art Jonathan Aspillaga Bandong, Renz Ahdriane Bandao Magat, Audrey Ruth Geroca Ordas and Glarielie Pearl Valiente.

Amplified Hip-Hop



  • 2009 World Supremacy Battlegrounds Open category CHAMPION the art Centre Melbourne.
  • 2009 First Runner Up World Supremacy Battlegrounds Philippines


EXQUIZYTH -  is also a famous in Hip-Hop dancer here in the Philippines especially in General Santos City. This dance hip-hop group represented the Philippines at the 5th WORLD SUPREMACY BATTLEGROUND (Hip-Hop Dance Competition) held at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre in Sydney, Australia. The Exquizyth Dancers are compose of 16 members including their beloved manager Richie Mulders.




  • 2008 Champion Groove Manila Philippines

Why I Chose to Pursue a Career in Office field?

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Although my first profession is dancing to become a (professional dancer) in the near future, for the meantime and for the sake of my family I must oblige to set a side my career in dancing.



 “OFFICE PERSONNEL” - I chose this as my career  simply because I’m fascinated in different white collar job and I really dreamed to employ or become part of an environment of an office  in which my ability together with my work experience could impart. I chose this as my career because i can easily relate my previous activities in my college life and also to my colleague’s  in this particular job. I already have a qualification of an ideal office personnel for instances such as;

Skill as a stenographer,

A very good skill in computer in all Microsoft Office’s Application

Has a basic knowledge in trouble shooting in Computer

Can operate in all various latest technology in our generation

Accurate 30 General Word Per minute in keyboarding

A good role model

A innovative type of Office Personnel

and a responsible Team Leader/member.

Office Personnel

Office Personnel

Those are my skills, credential and I surely pertain in my career. Though white collar job is may consider also as a risky career because of hectic schedule and repetitive routine. For me I don’t mind it. And last if I receive my own bread and butter, of course it is my relief in my part and all stress and pressure perhaps fade away.

Hip-Hop dancing

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HIP-HOP is derived from pronunciation “Hip-Hap” a musical movement from urban world and mostly to American and African man.DANCING is an art that generally refers to the movement of the body, usually mix together by music. Dancing been certainly important in ceremony, ritual, celebration and variety of entertainment. Hip-Hop Dancing is the ideal way to express their self’s unique one’s creativeness.

HIP-HOP Dancer

HIP-HOP Dancer

Hip-Hop Dancing consider as a easiest way of body exercise and for those person who perform these dances. They can help them to develop body balance to coordinate muscles and to improve their flexibility. Hip-Hop dancing can be learned for those person have guts of enthusiasm in dancing. Always remember,  in dancing there is no limit of age or restriction as long as you are willing to learn their is no impossible can occur. It is very energetic type of dancing compare to other dancing genres or type of dancing very unique because it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement.

HIP-HOP DANCING Main Style Jan05John